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synopsis of pyrolysis plant

The issue of energy and its supply are becoming increasingly important in our modern civilization. In view of the earth’s limited supply of fossil fuels, it is crucial that these are used judiciously and the recyclable fuels are used more and more.

Responding to this challenge, BB Group is in process to set up a plant for converting waste plastics into a usable fuel. The process of preparing Oil from waste plastic comprises of the following steps:

Cleaning, washing, drying and shredding the waste plastic.

Subjecting the waste plastic material to thermal cracking so as to obtain a thermal cracking product.

Condensing the thermal cracking product into a liquefied product.

Characterized in that the liquid phase cracking reaction of the liquefied product under action of a catalyst on the liquefied product so as to produce a cracking product and cooling the cracking product so as to obtain the hydrocarbon oil.

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